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What's cooking at the Hotel Chippewa?

Several years ago at the museum I discovered a bound book that contains roughly 14 months (late 1938 through 1939) of menus from the restaurant located inside the former Hotel Chippewa (formerly located at the southwest corner of Pine and Water St.)

While many people might not find the day-to-day menus of an old restaurant a very enticing piece of history, I think it’s pretty interesting and something worth noting. From these documents we can get a sense of what the public’s appetites were in Manistee during this period in history when the Hotel Chippewa restaurant would have been considered more of a “fine-dining” establishment in Manistee.

With that said, below are a few pages from that book that provides us with the selection of food that you would have been able to choose from at the Hotel Chippewa during five consecutive days in February of 1939.

Bon appetit!

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