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"Manistee: A Promise Becomes Reality"

Every now and again, when attempting to organize things down at the museum, we will come across a true relic from another day and age...a cassette tape. Remember those? To some of us it seems that we were using them not so very long ago. Understandably, younger folks usually ask two questions: 1) What are those? and 2) How does it work?

Regardless, I decided to pop the tape into a cassette player (yes...we still have one of those at the museum) because I just had to know what exactly the "promise" was that is typed out on the title labeled at the top of the cassette.

The 8 minutes and 26 seconds that follows is basically a commercial, produced in the late 1960s, that provides a narrative of Manistee's industries of that time. Who the commercial was produced by and what exactly it was done for are questions that did not accompany the cassette.

So sit back, listen to the dulcet sounds of the musical score and the striking voice of the narrator and learn about Manistee's prosperous industries circa the late 1960s.


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27 sept. 2023

When we are trying to put things in order at the museum, we sometimes find a real treasure from another time: a cassette tape. free games


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