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19/50 Louis Sands and his sleigh

19/40 Louis Sands & his sleigh

Louis Sands was born in Sweden on July 6, 1826. Around the age of 27 he came to the United States on a freighter loaded with iron ore. When Sands arrived in this area, he worked for a contractor logging for the Canfields. 


In 1864, Sands purchased an interest in the mill of the Green Brothers, which he later sold. By 1868, he was developing property at the present-day Eastlake and built a sawmill there. In 1878, he purchased the Tyson, Sweet and Company Mill. A year later he sold the Eastlake property to R.G. Peters, so that he could concentrate on his new business location at the east end of River Street.


By 1896, Sands came into possession of the Rietz Mill, which became known as the “Sands-Rietz Mill” near the south city limits of Manistee. This mill continued to operate until 1925 and remained the last of the original lumber mills in this area to operate. 


Sands passed away on August 24, 1905, and still went to his office regularly until his passing.


This sleigh was used by Mr. Sands for winter transportation. 

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