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30/40 A.H. Lyman

Asahel H. Lyman was born in Huntington, Massachusetts, on April 17, 1853, to a family of "old Puritan Stock." After earning a degree at Massachusetts Agricultural College in 1873, he came to Manistee and commenced work as a salesman in the drug store of Carleton & Company. After attending the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, Lyman returned to Manistee in 1876 to continue in the drug business.

By 1879 Asahel H. Lyman was the sole owner of the drug store which was housed in the large business block at 401 River Street (today's City Drug Store). The business was a consolidation and continuation of the drug stores of Carleton & Company, W. E. Short, J. B. Delbridge, and Charles A. Ellis & Company. Lyman continued to develop

and expand his business and in 1885 moved to the much larger and newer store at 427 River Street. Several years later the business again expanded when it took over the store at 425 River Street. In 1894 it was incorporated as the The A. H. Lyman Company and had the reputation of being "the largest wholesale and retail drug and stationary house north of Grand Rapids."

In 1878 Asahel H. Lyman had married Julia Barnard at West Minister, Vermont. The Lymans and their two daughters lived at 453 Third Street in Manistee. He was a deacon in the Congregational Church and was also a member of the Masonic fraternity.


In early January of 1896 Asahel H. Lyman developed an illness which was complicated by pneumonia. After ten days with the dreaded disease he passed away on January 16. The entire community was shocked by his sudden death and many turned out for his funeral. In his sermon the Rev. A. M. Brodie spoke of Lyman's local position as follows:


"He made for himself a large place in the business affairs of our city and surrounding country, being highly esteemed for his upright dealing; in all benevolent and philanthropic enterprises, where his counsel and aid were never wanting and in the Christian community, especially in his own (Congregational) church where he was a prominent and faithful official, leaned on heavily and loved by all."

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